“Any fee is too much for failure.. Any price is too little for success”

Fatima Mosala


Business Strategy Consultations: Fatima often gets booked for Business Review and Consultation or to take an Advisory Role in board meetings. Her expertise is in Leadership Management, business cash flow, process change, marketing strategy and preparing companies for sale. You can book a private consultation by submitting your request to: [email protected]

Private Mentorship: Fatima treats her private clients like family members, that is why she is not so keen on onboarding new private clients.. She is truly dedicated to their success and plays a critical part in her client’s major decision making moments. She is the toughest and most generous in this role..

If you wish to have Fatima as your Mentor, you can express your desire by submitting your request to be considered to : [email protected]

(Cost per session is $15,000 USD)

ALL requests are personally reviewed by Fatima.

ALL personal and corporate information are treated with top confidentiality.