“The foundation that I will help you establish; will be a foundation of a 100 million dollar company” Fatima Mosala


How MUCH would it cost you to build a profitable business? How LONG would it take you?


This program will change the course of your life! UNRECOGNIZABLY!!

Why should you do business with me:

  • What I will teach you is Timeless.. Meaning it passes the test of time, economic cycles & hiccups and it is cross-cultural. It will apply to Any Company.. Any Industry.. Any Time..
  • The program is designed to equip you with valuable skills that will serve you for the rest of your life and help you become widely successful..
  • You will get an Unfair Advantage- that would be your Recipe to Success!
  • You will learn how to use Strategic Thinking like Millionaires and Billionaires..
  • You will build a Culture that people would love to be part of.. Performance will not be an issue for you!
  • You will build a business that will create Generational Wealth for you and your family to enjoy.
  • You will leave a Legacy Moving from Zero to Hero!

Unlike many social media claimed experts who are selling you hype & promise, Fatima will help you take your idea, skill or current business, from where you are to the next level. You will Build a strong foundation for steady success.

This is not about you HOPING to get something out of a Program.. This is for you to actually GET something out of it.. It’s all about return of investment- ROI.

Business Builder Bootcamp is NOT for everybody

Join Business Builder Bootcamp if YOU:

  1. Want to create a solid foundation for a profitable enterprise that generates millions of dollars in revenue..
  2. Want to learn how to create a demand for your products & services & get paid with gratitude..
  3. Want to create a business structure or model & craft strategies and implementation frameworks..
  4. Want to create multiple streams of side revenues & contribute to the overall growth of your company..
  5. Want to transform your identity from an Employee to a world class business CEO..
  6. Want to establish a presence in the marketplace and stay in command..
  7. Can follow instructions, be disciplined and do the work when the work needs to be done..
  8. Are willing to make short term adjustments “ sacrifices” for long term quality lifestyle..
  9. Want to learn & master new skills, or maybe sharpen your current skills..
  10. Want to master spirituality & peak performance while creating a big impact & earning big money..
  11. if you WANT RESULTS. PERIOD! 

Program curriculum - sneak peak

  • Mindset & Identity ( re-investing yourself )
  • Create your business Idea
  • Building your business skill set
  • Branding & Media
  • Creating Product Market fit
  • Leadership & Influence
  • Productivity & performance
  • Sales & Negotiation
  • Marketing & Building your pipeline
  • Building your sources of revenue & investment opportunities ( for those who qualify )
  • Your 30 days of launch execution, correction, re-launch!

Where do you go from here

  • You can submit an application to join Business Builder Bootcamp and kick off your business & make real progress!
  • You can join my Millionaire Club to get a feel of my teachings, the content and the results people are accomplishing..
  • You can go back to your life and do absolutely nothing!

Why only few applications accepted

  • Opportunity cost..
  • This is for SERIOUS STUDENTS..
  • This is one of few programs that Fatima is heavily engaged with.. Building & Sustaining a successful business is not easy..but it can be if you do what is required..
  • This is intense training.. Nothing light about it.. It's literally an MBA crash course.. It requires your mental & physical engagement in it.. There are lots of activities, assignments, internal work as well as business activities..
  • Growth & Progress is almost guaranteed.. You will be completely a different human being..
  • This is not for you to give it a try.. This is for you to WIN! And WIN BIG!

Many Ask Fatima why you are so strict with your method?

I get paid for results I cause and help produce - I don’t get paid for sharing information you can find for free online..

It is my responsibility & moral obligation to set you up for success.. You win, I win..

Fact: I can control my output on my side of the equation.. I cannot, however, control your performance..

That is why I have built so many structures around my bootcamp to ensure that you will perform or you will be removed from the program and YOU WILL NOT BE REFUNDED!

Think 100 times before you come and join because YOUR LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME ever again. With the same token with that high expectation comes high demand on you and you must show up for it.

Investment to join Business Builder Bootcamp is $40,000

The process

  1. Pay a deposit of $5,000 - 100% refundable if you were selected to join the program..
  2. Fill the application
  3. Attend the interview and make your final decision then.


What will you get:

  • 6 months intense business building training and activities
  • 24 coaching/ implementation classes
  • 6 months access to The Millionaire Club
  • Free membership site access ( one year complementary )
  • Bonuses
  • (For coaches) You will learn how to deliver tremendous value

Working with Fatima is like those who use the fast track boarding when traveling..

while everyone else is waiting in line.. you just pass and wave goodbye

Yes I want to apply for Business Builder Bootcamp To pay 5K

Client’s Experience & Results



Saas Expert - TensionX


Serial Entrepreneur and Business owner


Transformational Coach & Consultant - Cathy Wilkes & Co.



CEO & Founder - Digi Life Consultants


Business Owner - Weaving Abundance Basket Business


Founder & CEO - MINDGOLD



CEO & Founder - Mindset Mastery for Real Estate Agents


Business owner


Business executive & Mindset coach