I Make Millionaires

Fatima Mosala was born into affluence. She understands firsthand how to make, manage and scale wealth. Born in the Middle East, Fatima is highly educated, having earned a BA in business and financial management and a Master’s in quality management and speaks several languages. But her education started as a young child while helping her father navigate his own successful business ventures.

Her father was a highly successful businessman who also happened to be illiterate. She followed him everywhere in his business, wholesale electronics, assisting and observing him while learning the fundamentals of business success and entrepreneurialism. As she grew into her role she often gave her opinion and advised her father on dealings and negotiations. She grew to be one of his most trusted advisors and at times of crisis, a problem solver.

Family conversation around the dinner table centered around her father’s business endeavors, investments and talk of money. So these are not subjects that Fatima shies away from. In fact, her experience working alongside her father honed her ability to communicate the principles of wealth creation, finance and business management to others. Her communication expertise is what gives her an advantage as a coach, consultant and speaker.

Her personal business success started at age 8 when she began her own business selling wholesale snacks to the kids in her neighborhood for a profit. Her empathetic nature led her to teach her friends how to set up their own businesses in their neighborhoods.

She bought her first business when she was 22 years old. She worked closely with her husband over the next several years in food wholesaling and in the cutthroat industry of heavy equipment farm machinery.

Because of her wealth of business success with her father, companies she worked for and eventually her own endeavors, Fatima decided to go in another direction and follow a personal interest. In 2003 Fatima began studying the role that energy plays in our everyday lives. She became fascinated with how to command and use energy for personal and professional business that she became a Master healer.

In 2005 she furthered her education with the study of business coaching. She excelled in her studies and expanded her areas of interest to include life and relationship coaching along with studying metaphysics and science of the mind.

After becoming a business coach she developed coaching programs coalescing all of her areas of expertise to holistically target underlying obstacles. Her programs meet her clients where they are no matter the issue that is blocking success and uses the art and science of energy to direct the necessary changes needed for greater success, mobility and transformation in her clients’ lives.

Fatima resides in Canada with her family and oversees several businesses including her own successful coaching practice. She is developing and running several coaching programs for individuals as well as companies focusing on her specialities: business cash-flow and scaling small businesses to sell. She is the “secret weapon” her clients swear by for their success having guided many individuals and companies to millions in profits.