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Rising to a world of Fame and Fortune

A Groundbreaking Training that can help you understand Money and the foundation of Wealth Creation.

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Fatima will teach you the Raw, undisclosed, truth about MONEY.. that only the top 1% of wealthy people Know about, Use and Leverage..

This is an unusual perspective about Money you can not afford to miss.


What is it?

It is about what you haven’t heard and haven’t known about Money & Wealth Creation

If you want to live life on your own terms; you must first EARN MONEY on your own terms..

How can you possibly do that when you don’t know what Money really is.. and what the terms are?

Many teachings about Money and Wealth are superficial and deal with surface level understating of Money and how it works..

That is why I decided to create a much needed training “Anatomy of Wealth” to bring once and for all, Real world understanding about Money and Wealth.. with Real Applicable Tools that you can use today to create your Desired Financial success..

In this workshop

I will explain

  • Why Now more than ever, it is Important for you to be FINANCIALLY STRONG.
  • My unusual perspective about Money, How to EARN it, KEEP it and GROW it.
  • The 3 Main Stages Money Moves through.
  • The Laws govern Money which you can activate today and start directing the flow of money into your life.
  • The limiting conditioning Poor, Middle Class have around Money, and how to create a NEW BLUEPRINT of Wealth.
  • Tools & Recommendation you can start use immediately.
  • What makes my course very effective and what can it do for you.

Why is it Relevant?

  • If you are here, that means you are interested in changing your Relationship with Money and creating real Wealth beyond anything that you have done.. or you can imagine..
  • If you wonder why some people are so good with money and seem to attract it so effortlessly while others struggle their entire life? Even some well educated, good hearted, hardworking people..
  • If you wonder why many work hard to save and maybe Start a Business and yet they still struggle or fail..
  • Did you know that there are laws that govern money? I don’t mean federal laws.. I mean Money Laws? Do you know what they are? How to use them to your advantage and how to create wealth on demand?
  • If you want to learn how with simple.. proven steps attract the amount of money you desire and how to create a Generational Wealth beyond anything you have ever dreamed of..
  • If you want to be prepared for any changes in local or global Economy..

You Need to Attend This Webinar if:

  • If you are sick and tired of your constant struggle with Money..
  • If you know you might have some Money blocks & want to remove them forever..
  • If you have a Financial Goal - big one - and want to achieve it sooner..
  • If you earn good Money, however, you can't keep it..or you run out..
  • If you are tired of being in debt and never having enough..
  • If you started a Business however your cash flow is suffering..
  • If you have always been overworked, underpaid..
  • If you want to have Wealth be created in your life by YOUR COMMAND not luck..
  • If you want to understand the Universe of Money..
  • If you wish to experience luxury and move higher on Social Status..

Fatima will help you solve these problems and the sub problems that rises as a result..

It’s your Time.. join the Anatomy of Wealth training Today.. and Expand your wealth consciousness

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If you are serious about transforming your relationship with money and committed to creating life on your terms then join the program right now while seats are still available.

This is a small group program offered at introductory price ..

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Action Takers are Money Makers.. Sign up now!