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- This is a Workshop attending agreement between Fatima Mosala “The Coach” and You “The client/Attendee/Participant”.

- The CLIENT and ATTENDEE understands that coaching is not advice, psychotherapy or counseling and those professional referrals will be given, if needed. The client enters into coaching with the understanding that they are responsible for creating their own results. Throughout our coaching partnership, the Coach will engage in very direct and personal conversations with the client, which will include asking explicit questions and making direct requests.

- Client waives all claims to ownership of materials and remarks by any person arising out of or made at the Seminar/ Workshop and acknowledges copyright ownership of same by Fatima Mosala Inc.

- Client represents that he/she is not under, any professional restriction to avoid stress or confrontation, is physically and mentally able to attend the call, will not require medical care or medical supervision during the coaching program, has no life-threatening conditions, and will abide by any necessary medication and otherwise will abide by the recommendations of his/her medical professionals. These representations by attendees shall remain effective throughout the coaching program.

- All Seminar/ workshop produced content, materials and remarks, including recorded portions, may not be used, quoted or reproduced without advance written authorization signed by Fatima Mosala.

- Client and attendee acknowledges that no part of Anatomy of Wealth Seminar marketing, presentations, materials or remarks, including those by speakers and attendees, are legal, accounting, investment or tax advice or representations of outcome inside Canada or in any other country. Such advice and representations are disclaimed. Each Attendee will assess the individual suitability of all coaching materials and remarks with his/her/its own independent legal, financial and tax advisors prior to investing or otherwise acting thereon as Attendee deems appropriate. Attendee covenants not to sue Fatima Mosala Inc. or any representative, agent thereof, or other Attendee based on the content of Seminar marketing, presentations, materials or remarks.

- Speech or behavior determined in Fatima Mosala’s sole discretion at any time, as unstable or disruptive, or which causes concern for the well-being of attendees, speakers,, or use of illicit drugs, shall be cause for removal, or expulsion of said attendee, without refund and at attendee’s sole expense. Fatima Mosala’s determinations are final and binding.

- No provision hereof may be modified or except by specific writing signed by Fatima Mosala. No failure by Fatima Mosala Inc. to insist on strict performance of these terms on any particular instance shall be deemed a waiver of any part of this Agreement. An emailed version of all pages of this Agreement shall be acceptable for all purposes in lieu of an original.

- Each client and attendee agrees to provide accurate information and the requested documents to Fatima Mosala Inc. to establish compliance with respective government and legal institutions, forums and parties. Any misrepresentation by an attendee may result in cancellation without refund in Fatima Mosala’s sole discretion.

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Anatomy of Wealth - Proximity

A Groundbreaking Training that can help you understand Money and the foundation of Wealth Creation.

In this workshop I will explain:

  • Why Now more than ever, it is Important for you to be FINANCIALLY STRONG.
  • My unusual perspective about Money, How to EARN it, KEEP it and GROW it.
  • The 3 Main Stages Money Moves through.
  • The Laws govern Money which you can activate today and start directing the flow of money into your life.
  • The limiting conditioning Poor, Middle Class have around Money, and how to create a NEW BLUEPRINT of Wealth.
  • Tools & Recommendation you can start use immediately.
  • What makes my course very effective and what can it do for you.