Passionate Leadership Coach.

Let's Join Forces and Revive The World!

Fatima is an agent for change; she represents the opportunity to rekindle passion and is a reminder to take the road less traveled. Through deep analysis, strategic thinking and right use of tools; she brings the best out of individuals and organizations by helping them to find their answers, activating and utilizing their potentials. She is known among her clientele as the provider of world class services and a notably effective and tri-lingual business, leadership trainer and coach.

Her interactive style is authentic, intimate and purposeful for outstanding result. She is strongly dedicated to creating excellence through deep commitment to integrity, quality and value. She is also a keen observer and hunter for other's strengths and hidden qualities, naturally stimulating powerful changes. Fatima creates momentum to evolve strengths and release potentials for individuals and teams.

With her professional experience crossing the Middle East and North America Fatima holds a deep understanding of cultural diversity and sensitivity. Added to this, her trilingual ability to communicate effectively in Arabic, English and Persian allows her to bridge cultural gaps in a way few others can do.

Having worked in Financial Industry, Management, Business Development, Leadership and Training Roles for over 14 years in the private and public sectors. Fatima understands how to craft and implement successful business solutions within multi-cultural environments.

She is constantly in pursuit of updated knowledge and expertise to guide her clients thriving for change and excellence leveraging their resources and vision into a proactive, positive mindset of possibility with a road map to high performance. She truly poses the roadmap to sured success!

Although her teachings are exceptionally valuable, one thing Fatima will make sure is that you not only getting more information. She will make sure you move into action or else she would refuse working with you.. She sees people through their soul, she recognizes their potential and all she cares about is to help you see that too and create an empowering life that you fall in love with every single day.